Wickit is a low cost & environmentally friendly candle
It allows you to make your own candles that will last forever


Wickit candles are perfectly safe :

  1. The water will allow the candle to go out on its own when the oil runs out,
  2. If the candle is accidentally knocked over, the water will extinguish your candle,
  3. The oil will not ignite,
  4. Wickit candle is non toxic as it does not generate smoke from petroleum products,
  5. It doesn’t produce hot wax that could overflow.


  1. One litre of oil is the equivalent of 1000 hours of a traditional candle.
  2. One inch of oil in a glass will last about 15 hours.
  3. The floats are re-usable for life. Just clean the float with water and soap.
  4. Whether it is indoors or outdoors you can enjoy Wickit candles on all occasions for its atmospheric and romantic light.
  5. Outdoors, they will burn well and are wind resistant if you take care not to completely fill the container which will protect the flame from drafts.


  1. Choose a wide enough container in which the float can move freely.
  2. Pour some water into a container; this shall form a space that can be decorated: colour with syrup, paint, ink or food colouring... You could also submerge various objects into the water: stones, shells, statues, flowers.
  3. Pour in about a quarter of an inch of cooking oil (rapeseed, sunflower, olive...). The oil will naturally rise to the surface without mixing with the water.
  4. Simply and quickly create your wick by rolling and pressing with your fingers some absorbent paper or tissue. This should be no longer than the width of your finger. You could also use rope or twine...
  5. Insert the wick in the centre of the float. No need to force it, the wick will sit in the centre easily.
  6. Place the float flat on the surface of the oil and make sure the dipper is well supplied with oil at the centre to saturate the wick.
  7. Light your candle.

The paper is not burning, the oil is!
A wick lasts about 10 hours, according to the amount of oil and the tightness of the wick.
If you want to extinguish your candle, you just have to blow it out or push it gently into the oil to wet it.


  1. If some black smoke emerges it means that your wick is slightly too long. Gently cut it off, in place, with a scisor.
  2. If the candle is crackling, it means that your wick is impregnated with water, if that is the case simply make a new wick.

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